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JAS Latin Dance Academy offers beginner thru advanced level dance classes in Salsa & Bachata dance. We have new series starting every month at our New. 
Do I need to bring a partner?
Not at all. In our group lessons, workshops and dance parties we rotate so you do not need to bring a partner. However, if you bring a partner and prefer not to rotate, just let the instructor know at the beginning of class, and they will accommodate you too. Also, don't be afraid to come by yourself. Sometimes new students are hesitant if they don't have a wingman, but once you walk into a class you will instantly meet many others as your instructors will organize the class and have you rotating and dancing with everyone.

What kind of attire do I wear?
Typically business casual or smart casual, or sporty/ yoga is fine. Whatever makes you comfortable and will keep the others in class comfortable too. We are a very relaxed environment and accepting group. :)

What kind of shoes do I wear?
You do not need special dance shoes. Anything that has a smooth sole would be great. You do not want to wear anything with a rubbery bottom like an athletic shoe that will stick to the dance floor. As you get more involved in dancing, you may want to invest in a pair of Latin Dance Shoes. We can send you suggestions where our instructors find their shoes or you may choose from our selection.

Do you have a parking lot or free parking available?
Yes! We have a free parking lot available, but if it gets full you can park on the street directly outside the front door.

How do I sign up for classes?
You may do so in a few ways: Online at our site, by mail, or in person using a Visa or any major credit card. Registration can also be done during office hours at our studio via cash, check or credit card. If you prefer to mail a check, please include your full name, phone number, e-mail, title and date of the class(es) you are registering for and mail the payment and registration to PO Box 4287 Santa Rosa, CA 95402. 707.293.4292

Can I pay when I get there or should I pay in advance?
Paying in advance is the only way to guarantee your spot in class & will help us start the class on time. However, if there is space left, walk-in are welcome. Please give yourself extra 10 min to fill out our waiver and registration form. You may also fill it out ahead of time by clicking on the link provided:

What if I have never danced before, will I be lost?
Not at all! Our Level I series is designed to help you understand and allow you to move at a slower pace. We offer a variety of beginner lessons which are a perfect place for beginners to start or to refresh the basics. We provide a Safe & Helpful environment for all of our dancers and allow your transition to the next level with ease!

Can I watch a class before I attend it?
To respect the comfort of our students we do not allow people just to watch classes. You can always take a workshop or attend one of our classes on a Drop-In basis. This will give the opportunity to try it and get a feel for the instructor and his/ her teaching style. (any charges can be applied to the current course you are attending)

Do you offer discounts for youth, high school, or college students?
Yes! We offer discounted group lessons and dance parties for full-time high school and college students. Contact our studio for specific details and to take advantage of this program. Here is a brief breakdown: New Students to “JAS Latin Dance Academy’ will receive a 25% off their first course (the more you buy the more you save), All-Academic students or under 18 years of age will receive a 15% off their tuition.

May I videotape a class?
We do not allow videotaping during classes. However, students are welcome to videotape each other after class to capture "video-notes" of what you learned.
I am worried I will be the oldest (or youngest) one there, what is the age of students attending your classes and dance parties?
Salsa/ Latin dance tends to attract a variety of age ranges that come here from teens to 60+. On any given night we may have a large group from a local college to a roomful of boomers. The important thing is that they are all young at heart and are friendly and welcoming no matter what your age. It is a common sight to see people dancing with each other even if they have a 40+ difference in age!

Are food and beverages allowed at the dance parties?
You are welcome to bring your own refreshments and snacks if you'd like to enjoy in between classes or during our dance parties.

What happens if I miss a class? Do you offer make ups?
Unfortunately, since it is rare to offer the same class more than once each month, we do not allow jumping into other classes as make-ups. We usually recommend taking a private lesson, at an additional expense, to make up for any material you missed. If you cannot schedule a private lesson, then don't drop out! The instructors usually include a quick review of the previous week's materials. Just don't rely on this often, as you don't want to fall behind or cut yourself short.

Once I have taken dance lessons is there a place I can practice what I learned?
Yes, we have dance parties usually on a monthly basis but we also recommend a few places in the city. As you engage with others in the group you will find a community that carpools to different Latin Clubs in San Francisco. You will also be added to our mailing list for special events around the neighborhood or nearby cities, including festivals and Congress.

I don't feel comfortable taking group lessons just yet is there any other options?
Yes, we offer private dance lessons which are a great way to work one on one with an instructor. Our professional instructors are great at taking it at a pace that's best for you.

How do I know which level of dance I should take?
If you are new to a dance, start with a "Level I" class which is usually designated by a roman numeral "I" after the dance name on our schedule. Or, you can take a class designated as an "Intro" ‚"Sampler" or "Basics" class. Any of these classes are usually represented on our monthly schedule with a dashed box around them or color coded for new dancers. If you are an experienced dancer, taking classes for the first time with JAS Latin Dance, we still recommend you start with a Level “I” as we find that even students from other studios benefit greatly from the technique and connection taught in JAS Latin Dance classes.
However, if you feel like you would be better suited for a more advanced class, contact us directly to schedule a mini-private evaluation lesson with one of our instructors. They'll be able to tell you exactly where to start.
We are very excited to have you join our dance family and look forward to dancing with you. We hope you will find a home at JAS Latin Dance Academy.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve your dance needs and remember always dance from the heart.


J.A.S. Dance is the premier dance studio in Sonoma County. With longstanding roots in the Wine Country! Founded in 2001 as a way to express Latin culture and art through movement. Adventure, passion and the joy of Salsa dance and motion were key ingredients to the core philosophy.


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