Private Lessons

Well there are so many benefits to a one-on-one lesson but let me give you 3
1.Customized To You
Private dance lessons are great because the focus is solely on you. Once your teacher has identified what your goals are, he/she will teach you the material that will be most appropriate for your needs. A competitive dancer has very different goals than a social dancer. For example, if you are preparing for a competition, your teacher will focus on things like proper technique and execution of choreography. But let’s say your goal is to master social dancing, your teacher will be making sure you know how to lead/follow with a partner from move to move – while having fun! Your lessons will change and adapt to what your needs are. Everyone has different goals, body types and learning styles. Private lessons will take those things into account and customize the lessons for you.
2. Faster Progress
Because private lessons are typically taught one-to-one or two-to-one, your teacher will have a lot more time to work with you individually which will lead to faster progress. Your teacher will have sufficient time to find out your “problem areas” and give you specific techniques to improve them. During your lesson, you will have the time to analyze every foot position, hip action, pivot motion and a lot more. The amount of detail and technique your teacher can dive into in a private lesson is much greater than that of a group class. That’s because in a group class there may be up to 20 other students that need help and so the teacher’s time is split amongst them. If you want to improve quickly and have the right technique, you will enjoy private lessons.
3. Convenience
Lastly, taking private lessons is very convenient. While group classes are normally scheduled on set days and times, private lessons can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.
Set up your next appointment with your instructor at a time that will work for you.


J.A.S. Dance is the premier dance studio in Sonoma County. With longstanding roots in the Wine Country! Founded in 2001 as a way to express Latin culture and art through movement. Adventure, passion and the joy of Salsa dance and motion were key ingredients to the core philosophy.


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