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SANGRE LATINA means Latin Blood in Spanish. We are a salsa and Latin dance team out of Santa Rosa, CA. since 2004.  The team is an amateur dance Level team that introduces all dancers to the Latin culture of music, fun, smiles, expression, passion, exercise and, above all, passion.  As part of this welcoming dance team, you will learn from the best instructors in the area as well as well renown choreographers.  You will be challenged. 
  • Salsa and other Latin dance teachings in group and private classes
  • Latin dance, music and cultural events, most notably the annual
  • Choreographies for performance groups, wedding dances, and special occasions 
  • Dance demos and shows at public and private events
  • Fun workshops and tasters at schools, public and private events
  • "Animating" to liven up events and get the party started
  • We are CRB checked and fully insured
Just with the lessons, you will obtain priceless moments. Besides, you will participate in World Team Project's and our collaborators' events and you will even get to know the best artists and dance with them!
Share international experiences with dancers just like you, who are also part of this big family. The connexion point? The passion for dancing and the performance of the same choreographies
Contact us to auditions 
Please eMail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the audition date to register your intent.  Indicate the city you are interested in and what dance team you are auditioning for (i.e. Sangrea Latina Training or performing, Franchise Daniel y Desiree WTP, or Training team program).  All applicants will be considered fro all teams.  
Fee for auditions is FREE!  Call us for more info. 707.293.4292 
Benefits of being on a dance team:
-The opportunity to learn many different dances and greatly improve your dancing skills as you learn lots of new moves and technique. 
-The opportunity to practice these moves in a repetitive manner to be easily used in a social and performance scenario.  
-Receive valuable individual instruction and personal coaching.
-The opportunity to practice with others who are at different levels which will accelerate your learning curve.
-The opportunity to bond and create a "Team Spirit" with fellow team members as you practice and perform together.


J.A.S. Dance is the premier dance studio in Sonoma County. With longstanding roots in the Wine Country! Founded in 2001 as a way to express Latin culture and art through movement. Adventure, passion and the joy of Salsa dance and motion were key ingredients to the core philosophy.


Phone:(707) 293-4292
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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